Tal Dibner, Union Drummer, Civil War Cavalry, Southern Cavalry, Historic Painting

What He'd Seen


Tal Dibner, The Raid, Civil War Cavalry, Southern Cavalry, Historic Painting

The Raid


Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass Painting, Tal Dibner, Historic Art, Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass


Civil War Colonel, Colonel, Civil War Civil War First Sargeant, First Sargeant, Union First Sargeant, Sarge 54th Massachusetts, Fort Wagner, Tal Dibner

Reb Lieutenant Colonel (1861)


My First Sergeant...and my last mistake


54th Before Fort Wagner


Battery Captain, Artillery Captain, Civil War, Tal Dibner, Dibner 12th Massachusetts, 13th Massachusetts, Union Infantry, Tal Dibner, Dibner Gallery Ordinance Sargeant, Confederate Ordinance Sargeant, Civil War, Tal Dibner

Battery Captain


Comrades and Kin


The Ordnance Sergeant


Southern Thunder, Tal Dibner, Dibner, Southern Artillery A shot would set them running, Tal Dibner, Southern Cavalry, Cavalry Officer

Southern Thunder



A shot would set them running...



Killing Time, Civil War Artillery, 10lber Parrott, Parrott Rifle Union Artillery, Civil War Artillery, Cannon, Tal Dibner

Killing Time



The First One Up

Original Available for $600